Travel as personal growth

Travel as personal growth

Experience a travel as personal growth Is something I have experienced on several occasions.

I have always considered travel, not just vacations, but windows to the world, moments that brought about change within and outside of me.

Herman Hesse, by the way, said "Traveling must involve the sacrifice of an ordinary schedule in favor of the ordinary, the renunciation of the ordinary for the extraordinary, it must be a wholly personal restructuring to our beliefs."

Every time I clicked BOOK, every time I zipped up my trolley, I knew I would never be the same Cristian again.

I learned to recognize the essence of the travel as personal growth, since my first experience in the States in 2002. I took the opportunity to visit different countries and cultures, discovering lifestyles that taught me to look at the world from a different perspective.

I decided to tell you MY STORY.... the journeys that have changed my life, with the hope of inspiring some of you. Looking forward to traveling again, I take you on a virtual journey with me between four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

2002: the turning point from the US to Japan to Canada

In 2002, I landed in the United States (Chicago, Illinois) for the first time, and not to miss anything, in the same year I visited Japan (Tokyo). On that occasion, I participated in international band competitions the so-called marching bands. Also that same year, I crossed the border into Canada, into the city of Toronto, for tourism.

2012: Florida--the Sunshine State

I arrived in Sarasota in Florida (a love at first sight), to participate in a program sponsored by a training company related to Coaching & NLP. I found myself catapulted into a dimension that went beyond my expectations, where I spent 3 months of my life... since then Florida has become a second home, at least 1 time a year I visit there to see friends.

2013: London, Tony Robbins & back to Sarasota

In April 2013, I first met Tony Robbins at the event Unleash the Power Within. For those who do not know him, he is considered the leader in the world of training and change. Four days that turned my personal and professional life upside down. I'LL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

In the same year, I returned to Sarasota to launch personal projects on education, the world of Real Estate Real Estate and collaborations as a Designer for the U.S. Police.

2014: California, first solo trip

For a digital addicted which I am, the first solo experience, could only be in California. That trip reshaped my concept of the travel as personal growth. I spent a month in the Sunset State, exploring the area from north to south. I ran into the giants of Silicon Valley and visited the headquarters of Adobe, Facebook, Apple and Google. From this moment on, the era of the Digital Nomadism and so all my smart and remote working "adventures" were going around the world--with a pc and a good wifi connection. You can find all the stops on my journey here!

2015: Southeast Asia--one year and four continents

I started the year with my first trip to the African continent. I was invited by a resort to Zanzibar To recreate their brand identity. It was a profound experience that gave me the opportunity to get to know an area and its people in a 360-degree way.

Two months later, I treated myself to a solo tour of Southeast Asia. I touched the Malaysia, Singapore until theIndonesia. I then arrive in Ubud, on the island of Bali at the HUBUD facility, one of the most famous coworking environments in the world, I launched some collaborations. In the same year, I launched some projects with the United States, including one with New York City 4 All.

After the summer, I experienced the benefits of working as a digital nomad, allowing myself the opportunity to organize my days, my life and work between Germany, United Kingdom and Turkey. What happened shortly after was a true example of the Travel as personal growth. The study of Reiki, in fact, led me to accomplish a tour in Japan Between the ways of Master Usui and Japanese culture.

2016: from Thailand to Mowgli

I started the year discovering Thailand And I stayed for a month in ChiangMai, considered the place to be for all digital nomads. Everything changed, however, in March in Singapore with the opening of the Mowgli. This allowed me to make several trips throughout the year to Southeast Asia to follow up with projects and clients.

2017: my Lisbon

2017 represented my year zero. The baggage of my experiences over the past few years led me to change my life, to a new base. In January, in fact, I moved to Lisbon, a period of life filled with stimulation and opportunity.

2018: Lisbon-London-New York

Education is an integral part of my work. In fact, in January, I attended the Master's program on communication, coaching and design at the School of Life in London. In April, I opened a design and web consulting company in Lisbon. In parallel, I started some collaborations with start-ups such as. DNX Global. I ended the year in New York for networking activities with several clients, including. Kiara Di Paola New York City 4 All.

2019: I'm coming back "home"

The Portuguese period ended with a return to Italy in 2019. Italy is the land I call home because it is where I have my closest affections, where I was born ... yet for me the concept of home is being part of the whole world. I often feel more at home in an airport than inside 4 walls of a home.

I acquired international certifications as a professional in the world of coaching and an expert in the Neuro Linguistic Programming With a Milanese company.

Experience a travel as personal growth Change your perspective of seeing and interpreting your surroundings. Give yourself the opportunity to be inspired by the little things in your everyday life and create your own worldview.

Cristian Barbarino