passing through Malaysia!


passing through Malaysia!


Malaysia, destination Kuala Lumpur.

"Every time I leave, it's like Christmas Day for a child unwrapping presents!"

Malaysia is not scheduled among the various stops, but since the destination of my Southeast Asian tour is Bali (Indonesia) one of the air connections takes me right to Kuala Lumpur. So I decide to spend a few days there ... and so my journey begins. "passing through Malaysia.".

After a stopover in Dubai and in total about 14 hours of flight time I arrive in Asia! The impact is remarkable, especially for the temperature which with about 35 degrees is close to 90% humidity.
However, in any indoor place (stores, malls, cafes) there is always air conditioning, thus going from 15 degrees indoors to almost 35 degrees outdoors. My body is beginning to beg for mercy 😉

I had a vague idea that nature was well embedded in the city context, but this way it is really crazy! I walk hundreds of meters, through the streets of the city and I always find myself immersed in plants and skyscrapers...I finally feel like I am breathing (oxygen, albeit warm). It can be said that here (as well as in most eastern cities). Feng-Shui is really well understood.

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is our home." (Gary Snyder)

malesia kuala lumpur motivandome viaggi

Among the various "things to do" a Kuala Lumpur, I don't miss a trip to the neighborhood China Town e Little India, with all its dazzling colors alternating with Hindu temples with fascinating decorations.The sounds, smells and rituals of religions mingling together create a 'truly unique atmosphere. I admit, despite a few studied visits, that the beauty in travel is Do something that was not planned before. If you understand how to flow and let life guide you, everything becomes MAGIC!

I return to the hotel I have chosen for these days (amazed how a 5-star can cost less than an Italian 3-star) and the mere sight of the city by night and the Petronas Twin Towers they give me an 'incredible emotion. I choose to celebrate my arrival with a good glass of wine ... but that's not enough, I make myself leave the bottle behind, I am too happy to be here, in the company of the one who always accompanies me on my travels--myself!

malesia kuala lumpur motivandome viaggi

"Traveling is like falling in love: the world becomes new... (Jan Myrdal)

Good Morning Cris! It is the dawn of a new day! After spending the night in downtown Malaysia, I head a little further north than downtown, toward "Batu Caves", an immense cave whose exterior features a golden statue dedicated to the warrior god Murugan and endless steps. Needless to say (the pictures speak for themselves) that at the mere sight of it. you really stand for a few minutes with your mouth open... and not just because of the heat! The energies in the air are almost visible to the naked eye.

The temperature and humidity is the same as previous days, and the idea of walking all those steps in the hot sun does not appeal to me much, but it is also true that "When do I get to go back there again?".
There they immediately start some excuses in my brain, behavioral games, I start telling myself, in short.... Really the heat was getting to me!

Then in a moment of clarity I think maybe. I will create the opportunity for myself in the future, maybe not, and so many other blah blah blah... then I choose to act in the "here and now" And I decide to make it.

malesia kuala lumpur motivandome viaggi

Needless to say, the effort was worth it. After you admire so many sculptures carved into the rock and a 'magical atmosphere clouded by incense, sounds and smells, I will hardly forget these emotions.

Before leaving the Malaysian city, of course, a stop at the most famous structure in this city could not be missed. I'm talking about the Petronas Twin Towers. With this all-aluminum architecture, you can immediately sense that we are in the thick of business, between stores and offices, where I can also find a great sushi restaurant 😉 and who will kill me!?

I have come to the end of this first stage.... and I still thank Malaysia for guiding me through new sensations and experiences. I will remember among other lessons the talks with the taxi driver, who explained to me How much respect they have for all religions, as long as all of them are talked about well, without making any distinction.

malesia kuala lumpur motivandome viaggi

With an ambiguous-tasting snack and a grape juice kindly offered on the grand tour bus, we set off again... Destination Singapore!

"Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step" (Laozi).


  • nature and human being they create a unique mix
  • respect toward religious diversity
  • fatigue is often a component to appreciate the success
  • celebrate Every day, as if it were the last
  • there is no why to everything
  • don't mind them... travels!
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