The relationship with money

The relationship with money

The role of money in the 21st century
The relationship with money in making and spending it

Money is needed to achieve our goals. The point is that we are not willing to make efforts to obtain them. We already assume that making money is only decided by Goddess Fortune. She alone will decide the lucky ones who will be part of Olympus.

Do you remember Scrooge McDuck? Symbol of money with his famous No. 1! Yet he, too, started out penniless however he never got down in the face of obstacles and defeats.

Another crucial point is one's concept of spending it. Everyone has the right to do what he or she wants with his or her money ... and should not complain. We live in a society that sells us impeccable looks (preferably of the best brands), increasingly powerful cars to be bought conveniently on installments, terraced houses with landscaped gardens with affordable mortgages, not to mention expensive telephones, accessories for the super-equipped home, vacations from all-inclusive packages to the latest places, and you name it. If we thought just for a moment about what we need and what we already have we would realize that a lot of the money coming out at the end of the month would be in our pockets. The point is that if these are the values you believe in then yes you will always be chasing after money to be in line with the model and it will never be enough.

Objection: "But if I have to think in terms of abundance and prosperity then I have to invest and reward myself."

Perfect. However, it depends on whether those rewards satisfy you and create happiness and stimulation in you to build further happiness, it depends on whether those rewards leave their mark on you.

I personally live unpretentiously preferring to invest in my travels, training and personal growth, and hobbies. I will work hard for anything that makes me feel good, and when you fight for your values you get extraordinary energy and new ideas to achieve your next goals.

What do you fight for? What are your values?

We also forget a very relevant detail that will constitute the near future of the society: the share and recycle! Sharing apartments, co-working spaces, sharing travel destinations with someone else with na single car, re-purposing what has already been used in the past and converting it into something else. These are just a few examples but which already manage to give us the measure of how rich and fortunate we would already feel with what we have if we only think in a logic of sharing with others.

Cristian Barbarino