Istanbul. The city of the five senses.

Istanbul. The city of the five senses.

Istanbul. Turkey. 

The meeting of East and West, yesterday and today!
I think one of the cities that has impressed me the most so far.
As soon as I arrived, I was literally amazed by the feelings this city evokes.

Immediately I hear the characteristic chanting of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, and already the atmosphere is tinged with arabesque notes.


Istanbul is an undefined and chaotic constellation of buildings one attached to the other, on the tops of which there is always the penthouse from where to enjoy the view from above. What about then the round shapes of the Mosques that lend an exotic beauty to the environment. I remember one among them the Blue Mosque: what fairy-tale architecture from a thousand and one nights and what colors. Someone like me who is very sensitive to visual impact cannot help but be amazed.
Speaking of colors I remain enchanted by the Grand Bazaar.
Here is the picture ... and I'll let you judge.instanbul-turchia-motivandome-cristianbarbarino3
I get lost looking at the stalls with tapestries, typical Turkish lamps, the softest silks of all hues, mosaics with tiny stones, the aroma of loose coffee and endless spices.

Flavors, definitely exquisite, play a predominant role in this journey.
From sweets (chocolate salami, a variety of pistachio sweets), to the freshest vegetables and top-quality meat, to wine and typical Turkish tea, it is a true feast of taste.

Istanbul is to be fully experienced by immersing yourself with all 5 senses in an extraordinary and timeless reality.




Cristian Barbarino