Berlin beyond the wall

Berlin beyond the wall

Europe, Germany. 

Berlin is completely different from other European capitals! Majestic buildings and wide boulevards typical of imperial cities do not lend fairy-tale notes to this city. On the contrary, it is rather spartan aesthetically: the Brandenburg Gate is imposing and conveys austerity, as does the Cathedral.

A victim of merciless bombing, today walking through the streets one comes across numerous artifacts related mainly to the recent history of World War II, making it an open-air museum. Emblematic is the East Side Gallery, the pieces of the Berlin Wall that are now decorated with original murals.
At the side runs the river, which further reinforces the message of freedom in the various paintings.


At the same time we come across as many buildings with futuristic architecture, centers of modern culture and alternative venues that denote the creative potential of this city.
Fixed stop for me remains the Sony Center close to Potsdamer Platz, which reminds me of Gae Aulenti Square in Milan. Thanks to the stimulating energy of the place here I spend hours working and producing ideas, of course with a cup of Starbucks coffee in hand.


I love taking the distinctive yellow subway or I walk by letting my instincts guide me and arrive in interesting and so different neighborhoods: from the commercial area of Friedrichstraße to the alternative neighborhood of Prenzlauerberg; the institutional areas of the Reichstag and embassies to the picturesque area of the Hackescher Markt. From every point of view I always see the television tower of Alexanderplatz, one of the symbols of the capital city.


This is what struck me the most: Move from the past to the future so quickly. Austere and no-frills Berlin hides an innovative soul where art and constant change are in the air. Dotted with hundreds of cranes and construction sites Berlin is in constant turmoil!

Green (as in all of Germany for that matter) frames this cityscape. Who would imagine being able to walk for miles in green areas, indeed in actual forests! And this is a sign of progress and civilization!

In the evening there is everything, extravagant clubs, cuisine of all kinds. I simply go in where it most inspires me. I recommend eating at Restaurant Berlinchen on Bayreuterstraße, very quaint.
Obligation is to take anywhere a few beers, preferably local. Prost.

Cristian Barbarino