The Humanistic Astrology


The Humanistic Astrology

Interview with Simone -- AstroCoach.
Hello everyone. I am Simone, I am 30 years old, and I am an astrology enthusiast.

1) Tell us about yourself.

simoneseminaraI too, like many, before I embarked on its study, thought horoscopes were a bunch of hogwash to fill useless space in magazines, useful at best as a conversation piece to keep from falling into first date dumbness. Moreover, I was inclined to link astrology to self-styled charlatans interested only in fleecing poor gullible people out of their money. In this regard, I would like to open a brief parenthesis: it is very easy to find very convincing charlatans in this field, so before swelling the ranks of the "suckers," I always recommend getting well informed about the consultant. In any case, my interest in the subject did not stop there; on the contrary, it grew over time, and something drove me to make a profession of this fascinating subject. I will conclude my profile by adding that I am Libra ascendant Leo, but I have a pain-in-the-ass and punctilious personality as a Virgo, which helps me get my feet back on the ground, which is uncommon for those who tend to always look to the stars.

2) What is astrology?

There are many types of astrology, from traditional astrology to Indian astrology. They all have a common denominator, namely, the study of planetary movements within the constellations or astrological signs, and their effects on the lives of living beings, but it is the approach that changes: for example, in the traditional one, importance is given to luck, money, love, and human predestination, which man suffers somewhat passively. Over time, however, we have approached the subject in a more complex way: point one because the horizons of our solar system have changed; point two because people's approach to life has changed. And this is where my real profession comes in. In fact, about thirty years ago humanistic astrology was born, which basically has its roots in traditional astrology, but preferring a much more "psychological," deeper approach, aimed at plumbing the innermost depths of our psyche. Let me explain. It is common to turn to an astrologer when things go wrong in love or family, or for fortune and work. The traditional astrologer in this case is "inconvenienced" because one is looking for predictions, or wants to know the right dates, the "propitious" ones for the needs of the case. On the other hand, those who, like me, deal with humanistic astrology, turn out to be more useful in explaining the possible causes and motivations behind events, such as supposed "bad luck" in love, dysfunctional relationship with parents, or the search for professional and economic security, in short, those that are our Achilles' heels. In particular, my work is useful when it gives "existential" suggestions on how each individual should move to "unlock" his or her possible energies left in the drawer, in short, giving real support to emerge in the various areas of life.

3) When did you embark on this path and how did your life change?

One day, almost by accident, I had my call to the stars. I was under the influence of Saturn, the evolutionary planet, which I found out later, of course. The planet in question is one of the most feared in the zodiac; almost everyone trembles at its passage, because when it happens, it literally disrupts life, to the point where we no longer understand who we are and what we want, if unprepared. So it is safe to say that mine was a real call to arms to defend myself. I wanted to turn my professional life around (a sore point), even though I had always considered myself privileged in this respect: I had a good job and a great salary, but there was something that made me extremely dissatisfied. Of course, I was unaware that Saturn's presence was literally shaking my precarious certainties; I felt I was born to do something else with my life, and that planet was knocking on my door to make me realize it. At the first knock-knock I answered as many would have done, evading the inner call. But the knocking was becoming more and more insistent, and then I made up my mind to receive my guest. So I stumbled almost by accident into astrology, which turned my life upside down, giving many answers that had remained locked in my head for too long, in the form of impossible questions.

4) Why is the influence of the stars on our lives important?

The stars play a key role in the development of personality. Every planet in our solar system has been observed and studied over the millennia, and by following their patterns from constellation to constellation, people who observed them ascribed different properties to them. Each of us has his or her own peculiarities, merits and flaws, which are given to us by the planets at the exact moment we come into the world, and we are born with a unique birth chart, somewhat like an identity card from the sky, within which we find practically everything about us: our relationship with our parents, our early years, the problems that had a great psychological impact, our relationships with friends, our often unexpressed gifts and the way we love. Through the birth chart, the astrologer extrapolates all this information, especially the hidden information, bringing it to light, and facilitates a kind of "awakening" of the self. The birth chart is also combined with the transits of the planets, which allows one to see the course of life as a whole. I don't like to use the word "predict the future," because the astrologer is not a magician, and I as a "humanist" like to think that each person's life path can be directed by choices, right down to the last minute. The job of a serious astrologer, then, is to give life advice, on how to move and when to do so, warning when the planets "knock."

5) Better to follow the way of the stars or your own intuition?

In the first astrology class I took, my teacher wrote a very meaningful sentence on the blackboard, and I find it perfect for answering this question. The sentence read, "everything that is not recognized by consciousness will come back to us as destiny."

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"The key to interpretations will be discovered
When the time has come to dispel ignorance."


Cristian Barbarino