A colorful Bangkok

A colorful Bangkok


Thailand, destination Bangkok.

Bangkok's welcome is warm-very warm!


The majesty of the buildings nestled in downtown set the stage for a night when I should have made a plan of action for the next few days.

It is the dawn of a new day among the skyscrapers of this capital city, and I choose to devote this day to getting to know these people by starting at Lumphini Park and its wonderful green areas.


Clearly, the first research I do is through the best sites for learning about a city (Booking, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, etc.) and I immediately head to the oldest part of the city where I am expected to see, among many other things, the temple of the Buddha lying at Wat Pho.
I begin on the west side of the city, across the Chao Phraya River (colored with at least 50 shades of brown).

I am located exactly at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and among the various historical monuments I cannot help but be fascinated by such precision and richness. Sculptures made of colorful mosaics and stones, most of them on a white background that gives even more prominence.


A few steps away I can finally admire the reclining Buddha.
How magnificent! It is impossible not to be fascinated by it. The size, the shiny golden color, and the meticulous details give perfectly the idea of veneration and devotion. I am especially fascinated by the natural element: these sacred figures are set in beautiful gardens that amplify the mysticism of these places.
It is strange to think that one can encounter such peace and spirituality in the middle of the city center. Bangkok is like that! Extraordinary in its contrasts.

Personally, after allowing myself a few days in the metropolis, I am happy to leave smog and chaos for far more relaxing places.


The journey in Thailand continues ... so before heading to the northern part I indulge in a short "southern" dip at the beach in Ralay Beach (Krabi Area).
This is one of the most popular areas south of Bangkok precisely because it is one of the strategic points for getting to Phi Phi Island by sea.
This is the time to enjoy crystal clear water, sunshine and the deep green of nature.


See the picturesque picture of the characteristic Thai boats? It doesn't look like it, but they are very noisy and burn I don't know what kind of fuel. So put yourself in a spot on the beach where there are not many docked:-)
Even more touristy is the resort of Krabi with its "Riccione-style" waterfront is very chaotic but the water is definitely beautiful. Length of stay: maximum 2 nights.

Such tourist-intensive sea areas do not excite me, and I leave the coast to head toward Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, vowing to return to Thailand to visit islands farther from the mainland.

Cristian Barbarino