Health: Herbs and Nature

Health: Herbs and Nature

The importance of herbs and nature

Perhaps something in society is finally changing, as more and more useful information is being found on how to heal physical ailments with natural remedies and ways to incorporate into our diet what Mother Nature provides, which is the best way to stay healthy and prevent disease.

In fact, in nature there is already everything the body needs to stay healthy and in perfect shape only that due to laziness, lack of time or bad habits people neglect nutrition and then resort to one of the many chemical mixtures that are quickly found in pharmacies when a problem arises. Just think how many times for a simple cold we resort to aspirin when it would be enough to prepare a nice cinnamon herbal tea to have the same effect, or resort to ginger to aid digestion or turmeric to stimulate the immune system.  Ever thought of a few mint leaves in a glass of water rather than the usual mouthwash full of chemicals! How about basil leaves to soothe skin stung by an insect? There are a thousand spices and herbs that come to our aid and can also be used in the form of essential oils (aromatherapy).

Another step we can take for our health is to turn to nature as a substitute for the  usual toxic detergents. With baking soda, you can practically clean your whole house and do laundry with reduced environmental impact and even save a few euros.

Paying attention to what surrounds us in nature and using it is a way to feel in tune with the universe and be aware that everything in the world is connected.

Cristian Barbarino